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Baby Hammock Complete Package

There is no image yet
Price: $109.99
Manufacturer: MamaLittleHelper
Weight: 20.00 lbs
Shipping Price: $18.00
Product Is Out Of Stock
The Baby hammock is completely portable. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up our baby hammock. It can be used from newborn all the way to 18 months, depending on the baby’s height. Our baby hammock comes with the sponge mattress which is recommended by JPMA to reduce the risk of S.I.D.S. It also comes with 3 levels of levation, which helps acid reflux babies. It goes up to 45 degrees, which is more than the 30 degrees recommendation. Our baby hammock can also be used with the computerized as well as the portable self rocking baby hammock unit making it “hands-free” rocking, great for infant colic. Lastly, our baby hammock comes in 5 different colors. White, Yellow, Blue, Beige and Pink.
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Benefits of MamaLittleHelper's Baby Hammock

  • Designed to keep your baby secure & comfortable by gently rocking your baby to sleep as if in mama's arms.

  • Provides good ventilation and natural cooling sensations like a breeze to keep your baby sleeping all day/ night.

  • Relieves nursery chores and blesses daddy and mommy to get a peaceful night's rest.

  • Helps with infant colic & infant reflux. Baby hammocks naturally cause baby to sleep with their head slightly elevated and MamaLittleHelper's Baby hammock comes with 3 levels of elevation.  This is particularly helpful for babies with chronic reflux.

  • Perfect for light sleepers.

  • The motion combined with the cradling allows your baby to think that he is being cuddled,
    similar to being in the womb and that it is safe.

  • It relaxes your baby and allow them to sleep comfortably.

  • No more flat heads!

  • Designed to keep babies sleeping on their back – the safest sleeping position for babies.

  • Can be use like an Arms Reach, be placed next to a bed. (If used with the hammock frame)

  • Perfect for day naps or night use.

  • Completely portable, takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and no tools required. No matter where you are, baby gets to sleep in their own familiar bed. They are lightweight and take up less space than other beds.

Please use with adult supervision ONLY.  Do NOT leave baby unattended.  This is not intended to be used as a recreational toy.

MamaLittleHelper's Baby Hammock Help For Acid Reflux Babies

MamaLittleHelper's latest design comes with 3 levels of elevation.  One of the biggest difficulties of raising a baby with acid reflux is to get the baby to sleep.  As soon as the baby is lay down, they can feel the effect of gravity on their stomach acid is lost.  This particular acid is then sent into the esophagus which is acid reflux.  This is very painful and for young babies, it is even worst and it causes them to fuss and not sleep.  According to most article out there, the best way is to keep the gravity in the equation and elevate the baby's sleeping position to slight incline. 


Check out the picture of the different elevation levels that MamaLittleHelper's Baby and Toddler Hammock. 


Mamalittlehelper's Baby Hammock Set includes:

Basic Package

  • Step by Step Instructions

  • 2 X "S" Hooks

  • 1 X Wooden separator

  • 1 X Baby Hammock**

  • 1 X Mattress**

  • 1 X Spring Cover

  • 1 X Stand (Frame)

  • 1 X Safety String

Does not come with Travel Bag

*Pure White & Candy Pink still comes in soft mattress and does not come with the 3 levels of elevation for the ones in stock

  Available Colors:

Pure White Buttercup Yellow Sea Blue

Natural Beige

Candy Pink*  

** Hammock and mattress is 100% cotton with no dye, AZO free and is very safe for babies.  Note that Pure White & Candy Pink comes with soft mattress.  Sea Blue, Buttercup Yellow and Natural Beige comes with sponge mattress.

Specification of MamaLittleHelper's Baby Hammock :

  • Height is approximately 1760 mm

  • Width 700mm

  • Depth 960 mm

Please note that not all babies like the Baby Hammock, please do not assume that your baby will like the baby hammock.

Recommended Weight and Age Limit :

  • Newborn until when your baby knows how to turn over.**

  • Up to 25 lbs - Please view the video below, an 18 month old baby boy is still sleeping in Mamalittlehelper's Baby Hammock.  Baby was 25.6 lbs at the time of video

** If your baby knows how to turn over, please be extra careful.  Please refer to the safety instructions that comes with the manual.

Please use with adult supervision ONLY.  Do NOT leave baby unattended.  This is not intended to be used as a recreational toy.

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