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Computerized Baby Cradle Hammock - BL 225

Computerized Baby Cradle Hammock - BL 225
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Price: $299.99
Manufacturer: Baby Love
Shipping Price: $30.00
Quantity :
When your baby is sleeping, so are you!!!

Finally.... mommy and daddy can take a break and rest! Babies loves to be rock as if they are in the mother's arms. Some babies loved to be cuddled to sleep and whenever they are placed down on the crib, they start crying again and mommy and daddy will have to start all over again.

You don't have to wait any longer. The wait is over, help is here.

This computerized baby hammock keeps your baby secure and comfortable by gently rocking your baby to sleep. The cradle also comes with the cradle rack set and a soft cradle net (Sarong). This net has small holes that provides good ventilation and natural cooling sensations like a breeze to keep your baby sleeping as long as he/ she wants.
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Benefits of Computerized Baby Hammock:

  • Cradle rack comes with wheels and easily moved around the house.

  • Stable and safe for baby

  • The oval shape of the sarong netting allows baby to feel as if he/ she is sleeping in mama's arm comfortably with the sense of warmth and security.

  • Baby sleeps in this special design pinholes sarong enjoy air ventilation from all direction. The natural breeze like cooling sensation allows baby to breath effortlessly thus reduce the risk of Sudden Death Syndrome (SIDS)

  • This computerized baby cradle helps baby sleep through with longer hours and cultivate brain/ physical growth and good health.

  • Reduce parents' stress. Babies are more erratic and unsettled from 3 weeks to 6 months old. Babies cry and fuss up to 6 hours at late nights causes frustrating sleepless nights and upsets tiring parents.

  • Well rested babies ease parents with peace of mind, increase their work productivity and improve psychological fitness.

  • User friendly - Simple & Complete Instruction

  • Perfect for day naps or night use.

  • Comes with wheels to roll around the house

Please use with adult supervision ONLY.  Do NOT leave baby unattended.  This is not intended to be used as a recreational toy.


 Special Features of The Computerized Cradle Set
 Safety Professionally designed DC 12V Adaptor, ISO 9002 Quality Certified Spring, Computer Predetermined Speed Limit, Double Iron Bars, and Unique looking mechanism striving for Total Security Standards.
 Reliable Crash proof to prevent baby from crashing to the ground with patented magnetic coil mechanism pledge.  Continuously 12 hours of non-stop operation without strenuous human attention.
 Comfort Simple, stable, gentle, rhythmic harmonic vertical motion consistently align with Earth Gravity Forces - Feel like calm sea waves, allows baby cruise into sweet dreams.
Mechanical Safety and Durability Mechanical power provided by magneto motive forces - no wear and tear to non-contacting components and unlikely to fatigue. This is also the ONE & ONLY Computerized Baby Cradle mechanically powered by natural Electro Magnetic Energy.  Product Warranty granted.

Computerized Baby Cradle Set** includes:

Computerized Hammock Complete Set Included -

  • Instruction

  • 1 X Hammock Control Unit

  • 1 X AC Adaptor DC 12V

  • 2 X Spring Metal Plate

  • 2 X ISO 9002 Quality Certified Spring

  • 2 X U-Locks

  • 1 X Center Rod

  • 1 X 18" wide Sarong Hanger

  • 1 X Nylon String

  • 1 X Twist & Turn Wire

Cradle Stand Included

  • 1 X Hammock Stand (Silver)

  • 4 X Castor Wheels with stopper for Hammock Stand

Sarong Cradle Included

  • 1 X Sarong Netting (Either Pink or Blue)

  • 1 X Crossbar Cover (Pink or Blue)


Hammock Stand will come in Silver

Computerized Hammock Set

Baby/ Toddler Hammock with the set

** This set is complete with all accessories needed.

Specification of Computerized Baby Hammock & Hammock Stand:

Computerized Hammock Set:

  • Height 650 mm

  • Width 195 mm

  • Depth 118 mm

Hammock Stand Including Sarong Netting:

  • Height 2200 mm

  • Width 1065 mm

  • Depth 670 mm

Recommended Weight and Age Limit :

  • Newborn until when baby 36 months

  • Up to 36 lbs with 2 Springs, additional spring can be purchased to add up to 3 springs.  With 3 springs, the weight limit is 52 lbs.

Computerized Baby Hammock comes with the Mesh Sarong Netting but DOES NOT come with a mattress

Check out how the computerized cradle works (Video shows with mattress but we no longer send them with mattress)


Please use with adult supervision.  This is not intended to be used as a recreational toy.

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