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EPIBI Regular Absorbent Day Pads Soy Green, 2 pair, laundry bag

EPIBI Regular Absorbent Day Pads Soy Green, 2 pair, laundry bag
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EPIBIŽ Nursing Pads are the perfect, reusable nursing pads for breastfeeding moms. They are the only skin-friendly, reusable nursing pads with an anti-microbial layer on the market.

Dr. Elly Hann, a former wound care team physician, observed some breastfeeding moms vulnerable to moisture-related, traumatic nipple and breast problems. She created the patent-pending EPIBI products for breastfeeding women and their babies to safeguard their skin.

The EPIBIŽ products are skin-safe products using engineered or technical fabric. Unique multi-layered fabric system promotes moisture wicking, quick dry, and high breathability. This combination creates skin comfort and reduces skin irritation.

EPIBIŽ Nursing Pads are available in Small and Large sizes and Regular or Super Absorbency Pads with stretchy lace fabric cover and soy bean fabric cover. EPIBI Diaper Liners are available in Small and Large sizes.

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Why are EPIBI® Nursing Pads the perfect choice?

EPIBI© Nursing Pad Features Benefits
Antimicrobial Inhibits Bacteria and Yeast Pad stays cleaner
Patented fiber technology Micro-channels wick away moisture Skin feels more comfortable
Breathable Air flows through all layers Moisture wicking and faster drying
Abrasion-free technology, minimal friction with skin Glide-on-skin, super soft fabric Gentle on skin, comfortable pad removal
Light weight pad 35% lighter than cotton pads Looks natural inside nursing bra
Superior weaving technology Fresh look after many washes Economical, better for environment


Benefits of the EPIBI Antimicrobial Nursing Pads:

The technical fabrications and multi layer design of the EPIBI nursing pads inhibits bacterial growth, limiting infection and promoting healing. The anti microbial properties together with the abrasion free surface will reduce the chance of infection. Elimination of friction and improved management of moisture against the skin promote healing.

Would you ever use a dirty bandage or dirty menstrual pad? Well, it's the same principle. You want to use the cleanest nursing pad on moisture-prone soft skin. An anti-microbial layer keeps away the nasty germs that can multiply on your skin. Thankfully human milk has plenty of immunoglobulin to fight off some germs, but constant moisture & warmth on your skin can reduce the effectiveness of your natural defenses. Breast infections can seriously derail a nursing mom from continued breastfeeding.

Hundreds of nursing mothers have tested our pads, and the EPIBI Nursing Pads have been a savior for many women suffering from skin irritation, including those requiring antibiotics and antifungal medications, providing a more comfortable alternative to traditional cotton pads or disposables.

  • Comfortable

EPIBI Nursing Pads are low profile and contoured to be form fitting without the use of pleats that cause pressure and irritation.

They are 35% lighter than traditional cotton pads, and provide a more natural look inside a nursing bra

The white engineered layer placed against the skin feels smooth and non-irritating. Unique micro-channels within the fabric makes it cool to touch.

Unlike cotton or disposable pads that hold moisture, the technical fabric in the EPIBI Nursing Pads quickly wicks away moisture to the other layers, where body heat and the moisture transfer layer actively move it towards the bra side. EPIBI Regular Absorbency Pads are deceptively light and thin. An average amount of milk leak quickly evaporates, leaving the pad dry faster and longer.

EPIBI Nursing Pads are available in multiple colors to coordinate with your wardrobe as well as lace. See the Order Now Page for colors available.

  • Moisture Wicking / Quick Drying

The unique multi-layer design of the most technical fabrics available gives The EPIBI Nursing Pads a unique advantage in managing moisture and quick dry, improving the comfort of the wearer: The inner, moisture wicking layer moves moisture away from the skin; the middle layer absorbs it in one direction; the moisture transfer layer evaporates the water vapors toward the nursing bra; outer soy or lace makes a woman feel attractive and keeps the pad in place. EPIBI Pads will dry within one hour against the body heat of a nursing mother.

  • Technical Fabrics

Producing cotton requires massive use of fertilizers and pesticides. Cotton is one of the best moisture absorbers, but it is terrible at wicking moisture away from the skin, and it takes much longer to dry once it is wet.

Here is the EPIBI First layer compared to cotton:

Silky smooth against skin, no chafing or irritation.  Wicks moisture away from skin to allow it to dry.

  • Washable

EPIBI Nursing Pads are machine washable and reusable. Our user testing has shown that most nursing mothers will experience great performance from the pads after 200 washings, with some mothers still using the pads beyond 300 washings. Washable nursing pads are more economical and better for the environment than disposable pads.

  • Economical

EPIBI Nursing Pads are 77% more cost effective than disposable pads:

Disposable Pads (used 1 time) EPIBI Pads (used 200 days) EPIBI Pads (used 365 days)
$1.00 per day $0.23 per day $0.12 per day
Assumptions: Use of 6 disposable pads per day vs. 2 pair of EPIBI Regular Absorbency pads,
and one pair of EPIBI Super Absorbent.

As well as being better for the environment, EPIBI Nursing Pads will save you money. If you breastfeed for 6 months, EPIBI pads can save you up to $150.00!!

  • Good for the Environment

Persimmon Scientific, the parent company of EPIBI is committed to the environment. Washable reusable pads are a far better solution than disposables pads that are discarded, filling our landfills. We use natural Soy Cotton. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Case Studies

T.T.has been nursing her baby for four months, using 50 pairs of cotton breast pads and suffered from multiple breast infections requiring prescription drugs. EPIBI anti-microbial Nursing Pads reduced breast irritation.

S.S.felt discomfort when her disposable breast pads adhered to the nipple. EPIBI Nursing Pad's engineered super soft fabric did not stick to her skin and felt more comfortable during the pad change.

L.G.'s cotton pads caused skin chaffing and soaked through clothing. With EPIBI Nursing Pads, her breasts were not irritated and kept her clothes dry even with heavy flow. They were light weight, hardly noticeable and did not shift.

E.A. is a diabetic nursing mom who suffered breast irritation and itching. Her skin problem did not recur after using EPIBI Nursing Pads.

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